We now have overlapping epidemics of Covid-19 and insanity. It has been well established that wearing masks, limiting crowds, and social distancing decrease the risk of spread of the Corona virus. Unfortunately, this message is either failing to get through, rejected, or ignored, by entirely too many Americans. The rights of personal freedom extend only to the point where they do not impinge on others’ rights to safety. In the absence of national policy, in order to limit the incidence of infection, reduce the risk of illness and death, and increase the speed of return to “normal” life and a robust economy , leaders from around the country have had no choice but to enact mandates to reduce the spread of Covid. I find it egregious and astounding that elected officials such as Attorney General Cameron in Kentucky and Governor Kemp of GA are challenging and/or reversing rules implemented by those who are simply trying to keep their citizens safe. Surely, AG Cameron and Gov Kemp do not actually want to cause harm, their behavior just a result of political posturing. Yet, harm, in cases irreparable, will be the result indeed. The insanity must end. Our lives depend on it.